The beautiful church in the ancient village of Repton

Situated in South Derbyshire, just on the floodplain of the river Trent, Repton is an historic village. The site of the introduction of Christianity to the Midlands in the 7th century, Repton is home to some gorgeous architecture, The parish church, called St Wystan’s Church after a Mercian prince martyred in the 9th century, is right at the heart of village life.

Features of the church

Repton church is famed for its Anglo Saxon crypt, where Wystan is buried. Almost as soon as the burial took place, the crypt and its mausoleum became a popular pilgrimage site. It is possible to take the stone stairs downwards and visit the crypt in the present day – the ancient columns and 1.5 millennia old stonework are eerily beautiful, especially in candlelight. Throughout the ages, new architectural elements have been added to the church. These include two medieval Gothic aisles, which were widened in the 13th and 14th centuries and the 15th century addition of the West Tower with its beautiful recessed spire. In the 19th century, the English architect Arthur Bloomfield worked on the restoration of the church. As well as working on St Wystan’s church, Bloomfield is also known for designing the Royal College of Music and for being the architect to the Bank of England. Visitors to Repton church might like to see if they can discover any similarities between the parts of the church that Bloomfield restored and his architectural projects in other regions of the country.

Services in Repton church

Repton church is open to visitors and christenings, funerals and weddings are all performed here alongside the regular church services. Services at this church use both the Book of Common Prayer and Common Worship, so parishioners can choose which service they would like to attend. If you would like to have your wedding or baptism or a loved one’s funeral or christening held at this church, simply get in touch with the vicar to organise it. Key celebrations such as Easter and Christmas are always big events in this church’s calendar, attractive visitors from Repton and beyond who come to worship and to mingle with each other.

The churchyard

As is clear from the description above, the parish church at Repton is a fascinating building. Visitors will also be delighted by the stunning church yard, which is a very leafy and green space. As well as a war memorial focusing on the Yorkshire Regiment, St Wystan’s church’s churchyard is home to some historic graves stretching across a span of several centuries. Imbued with peace and tranquility, it can be a lovely spot to sit and ponder.

Visit St Wystan’s Church

The parish of St Wystan welcomes you to its amazing church. Feel free to attend a service, to wander through the churchyard or simply to sit inside the cool, calm interiors of the church for a moment of peace and reflection in the middle of a busy day.