If you need to plan a loved one’s funeral, your local church will be there to support you. In the event of a death, the undertaker will arrive no matter what the hour. The undertaker will take the deceased to the mortuary and the police will note down their key details.

Choosing the perfect funeral

A funeral can take place in a church or at a crematorium. Ordained ministers are able to perform both religious and secular funerals. While there are a lot of questions about funerals, it is not uncommon for Church of England ministers to perform an entirely secular funeral if this would be more respectful towards the wishes of the deceased. A funeral in the UK will usually take place any time between three days and two weeks after a person has died. As they are getting more expensive, it’s worth seeing what kind of funeral service you can get for your money, can help with this with their funeral plan resources. If your loved one had decided that they wanted to be cremated, then a burial service can take place after the cremation. Otherwise, the funeral service will usually be followed by a burial ritual in the churchyard – or whichever location had been selected for the burial. Choosing a headstone or plaque for a grave or burial site can be done either before or after the funeral. If a person has been cremated, their next of kin can scatter their ashes in a beautiful location, or keep them in an urn.

What should be included in a funeral service?

The officiant will help you to plan the funeral service and to suggest Bible readings if you require them. They will also be on hand to provide emotional support. You can include whatever you feel would reflect the deceased person’s life and their wishes. Songs, poetry, videos, letters and memorial speeches are all common features of funeral services.